Friday, December 31, 2010

ADR in Little Miss Maximalist

Anna Dello Russo by Juergen Teller for W

I could preach about  minimalism all day - I'm addicted to that streamlined, uncomplicated wonderland. It's hard to do so though, after seeing these pictures of ADR's apartment. First of all, let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love her. She's so fabulous, isn't she - so much more exciting than most fashion people. Thus, I may be a little bias, but after seeing an editorial in W of her apartment all I wanted to do was go out and buy clutter and paint everything gold. That leopard print is pretty enticing too.


  1. It is hard, sometimes complicated and frustrating.. ADR makes me wish i could just embrace maximalism and let it all out the window. her nick nacks are out of this world.


  2. I'd have my house looking like Midas's palace if i could...unfortunately my man doesnt feel the same about my growing montains of cluter and lust for gold.
    Love these pictures!



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