Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas wishlist

While a White Christmas is a particularly enchanting idea, I just can't envision Christmas without sweltering heat and poolside barbeques. There's something about the combination of it all, the glittering water, the seafood, the scorching sun that creates a wonderful, ebullient atmosphere and is so refreshing. I suppose this is true of Australian summer in general, which has grown on me after the ridiculously awful weather. The vibrant hues - the rich orange of lobster shell encasing beautifully white flesh, the delicious pink of watermelons and my favourite, the unimaginably pure aqua of the ocean to name a few - are so beautifully unadulterated. Simple and uncomplicated. So this Christmas my wishlist is focused around channeling this sartorially, and I thought these might come in handy...

1. Ksubi Shorts, $200
2. One Teaspoon Dress, $250
p.s. I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo, but the bustier of this dress is pearl encrusted. Incredible.
3. White Sands Bikini, $189
4. Billy Bride Rings, $differ

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  1. Definitely things you need. :) As much as I love my cold little Christmas, yours sounds wonderful, too! I've always wanted to do a destination Christmas, my whole family go to the beach or something.


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